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Muusic Network Stats:

Mastnode Collateral: 5000 MUU

Mastnodes Online: {{ mnonline }}

*Est. Reward (Day): {{ mnestd }} MUU

*Est. Reward (Month): {{ mnestm }} MUU

*Est. Reward (Year): {{ mnesty }} MUU

* These are estimates and not a guarantee

Buying Instructions:

1) Download Wallet from link provided.

2) In your wallet go to File then Receiving Addresses. Copy your wallet address.

3) Enter your Muusic Coin address below.

4) Select the amount of Muusic Coins you would like.

5) Choose what coin you want to buy your Muusic Coins with.

6) Read and Agree to the terms and conditions.

7) Click review order, this will bring up the review order page.

8) Check to make your you entered correct Muusic Coin address.

9) Click Confirm Buy button to be shown the BTC or LTC address to send payment to.

10) Send the Payment Amount to the Payment Address and once we confirm payment your Muusic Coins will be sent to your Muusic Coin wallet address you provided in step 3.

**) We ask for an email address to contact you in the event of any issues. It will not be stored after crowdsale completes and we will not be using it for any other correspondence.

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